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Splash Backs

Gone are the days where chipped tiles and dirty grouting would spoil the warmth of your Kitchen. Throw away traditional ideas and enter a world of Modern appeal.

Special paint consisting of hardeners, anti-fungal agents and sealers is carefully sprayed and baked onto the back of the glass panel. The painted side is fixed to the wall which gives a magnificent painted reflective effect.

Painted Glass incorporates style and sophistication for any home.

United Glass Painted Glass splash backs for your Kitchen offer you a new innovative way to characterise your Kitchen. With almost any colour available to suit your taste and an easy, no mess installation, United Glass Painted Glass is the new era of Kitchen splash backs.

Why limit yourself to only one room with Painted Glass? Why not add that magical reflective effect to another part of your home - or all parts? United Glass Painted Glass feature walls have revolutionised the decorating industry with its new character appeal. Offering a spectacular effect in formal areas of a home, or on multiple walls throughout a room, Painted Glass cannot be looked past when trying to add depth, design and feature to your home.

Painted Glass still allows you the ability to hang paintings and pictures to enhance the appearance of your wall.

United Glass Painted Glass enhances the appearance of an entire room by adding a reflective contrasting colour which is not achieved by ordinarily painting a wall. The feature wall appears almost mirror like which enhances the appearance of the size of a room.

Highlighting those special parts of your home has never been so simple. Its so easy to add warmth, appeal and personality to your rooms with United Glass Painted Glass With some imaginative thinking, creative ideas and a little bit of initiative, you too can have a United Glass Painted Glass masterpiece in your home.

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